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240MB RAM disk + SD card slot

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

As you probably know already, the AppleSqueezer GS allows you to use 13MB of RAM in GS/OS. This is really nice (and more than is possible with any memory upgrade), but from the beginning the AppleSqueezer contained 256MB of RAM ready to be used. So recently, I teamed up with Antoine Vignau to unlock the remaining 240MB that wasn't already used before. The result is a huge RAM disk of up to 240MB, which can be used by installing a driver. You also need to install core v7, which will be released soon! This core also allows IIGS programmers to access the 240MB of RAM for anything else (although it's not available as normal RAM inside GS/OS because the memory management of the OS would have to be rewritten).

SD-card slot

While working on the RAM disk feature, we also came up with another idea: what if you could store the RAM disk to an SD card, and load it back again from there? Possibly even boot from it? That would almost negate the need for external storage. And because it's loaded in RAM, access times are very fast. It will take some time to develop this idea further, but I decided to already add an SD-card slot to the new AppleSqueezers, so you don't get left behind if you order one today (Although, you can still order them without one for slightly less money.) This way, if and when this new feature becomes available, you can update your core and have SD card functionality. Note that this feature has not been tested yet, so it's theoretically possible that there's an unforeseen hardware issue with the SD card slot that would prevent it from ever working, but hopefully that's not the case. Just keep that in mind when buying.


I received quite a few questions about when the new boards will be available. This should happen in the next few days. After some delays from the factory, I finally got the new boards so I'm happy to turn them into working AppleSqueezers.

Core 7 available!

The latest core 7, which includes the ability to access the 240MB of RAM on the AppleSqueezer, is now available through the Downloads section!

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1 Comment

Christophe Lambert
Christophe Lambert
Feb 13, 2023

See core7 and ramdisk in action here :


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