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I grew up with an Apple II, and while it was a great computer, I would often look at images of the IIGS in magazines, and wish I had one of these magical machines, with their graphical user interface, great sound and good looking software with fancy drop down menus. Sadly I never got one of them, until a year ago when I spotted a nice ROM03 IIGS on eBay and could not resist the temptation. 

After unpacking my new acquisition, and trying it out, I now somewhat belatedly realized that what the magazine photos didn't quite convey was the lack of speed of the GS. Also the built-in memory wasn't really what I had hoped for. Not to be discouraged, I set out a plan to make it work the way I had always dreamed about it in my younger years, and the AppleSqueezer GS was born. The covid-pandemic gave me the perfect excuse to lock myself in a room for many a late evening, and slowly but surely the AppleSqueezer went from idea to reality. You too can own this dream, although supplies may be limited until the chip shortage runs it course...

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