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New AppleSqueezer GS v2

The AppleSqueezer GS has been a nice way to accelerate your Apple II GS, but I decided to improve it, and introduce the AppleSqueezer GS v2! This updated AppleSqueezer has the following improvements:

  • Streamlined design: it now consists of a sleek, single PCB, so it's very flat. So flat in fact, that it fits seamlessly beneath most expansion cards in your IIGS! Where the previous AppleSqueezer would block you from installing longer expansion cards into several slots, with this new one, you will be able to install most expansion cards into any slot of your choosing. Note also that the AppleSqueezer itself doesn't take up any slot at all.

  • HDMI output: you can now install an HDMI cable directly into the AppleSqueezer, and it will output crisp pixels straight from its video memory. There's no analog path anywhere, so the output is as clear as you can get it. Also, since there's no software layer in between - it's implemented purely in hardware - the HDMI output signal is very low-latency. This means, for example, that from the moment you move your mouse, the cursor moves practically without any delay. Note that you may have to tweak your monitor's settings for the optimum latency (monitors often have a 'game mode' for this.) The native HDMI output resolution is 640x480, nicely matching the native II GS horizontal resolution, so no resampling is required.

  • Enhanced performance: experience a subtle speed boost, improving efficiency compared to its predecessor.

  • It still has the same 256MB of memory on board, as well as an SD-card slot. It's also still upgradable with new core versions, as always.

The biggest new feature is probably the HDMI output, which is still in a beta stage at this point. New cores may improve it further, but for now it already supports the so-called "super hires" output of both 640x200 and 320x200 pixels. So, this is the mode used by most IIGS-specific software, including GS/OS itself. The older Apple II graphic modes are not yet supported, so please keep this in mind if you're interested in purchasing one! Also, there are some games that don't show up well yet, so you can consider the HDMI a bonus feature for the time being until it's fully supported. What you have to realize is that, because the video output is generated directly from video memory, this AppleSqueezer v2 basically had to reimplement the VGC chip of your IIGS. So, it takes some time to perfect this fully. My choice was to keep selling the old AppleSqueezer with no option for HDMI out until this new one is perfect, or to sell this version with HDMI, even though not all graphics modes are supported yet, but at least you have the option to update it later through a free core update! Starting with the Apple II text modes, which is first on my TODO list :) Other things that would be interesting is adding additional resolutions such as 640x480. But probably GS/OS isn't easily adaptable for such resolutions so it would be of very limited use, unless someone is willing to tweak GS/OS to support this :)

You may also be curious about DMA support: no, this is sadly not supported. DMA support, while it would be nice to have, is not possible with the slotless design of the AppleSqueezer. And while it could be redesigned to fit into a slot, this would also make manufacturing harder (more expensive) because you then need a CPU cable, which would possibly also make it somewhat less reliable.

The new AppleSqueezer GS v2 will be available for pre-order starting today! I deliberately closed the store for the past few months so that I wouldn't disappoint any buyers of a v1 AppleSqueezer who would then read this post with presumably a lot less enthusiasm. If you did buy a v1 AppleSqueezer since January 2024, please contact me and I can offer you a discount on the new version, should you be interested in that! Note the following: if you have a ROM0 or ROM1 machine, one capacitor on the motherboard may be slightly in the way, depending on how it was installed in the factory. This capacitor is marked C39 and is situated to the left of the memory expansion connector. In some cases, you can simply push it down a bit, but in other cases, you may have to remove it and solder it back in a way that ensures it’s no higher than the sound chip below it. Otherwise, the AppleSqueezer will not sit flush with the chips below it.

As always, you can contact me for any questions you may have! I hope the improved AppleSqueezer will find a nice home in many GS owner's machines!

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12 commentaires

A question regarding pre-order: If I pre-order now, I will get the AppleSqueezer in about two months, right? Or do you collect pre-orders until a sufficient number is reached?

Best regards



so no cpu cable... thats fine and prudent. BUT to attain DMA, could we have a slot edgepeice-cable from the AS card?


I know, it's like a videogame. I think you have to refresh regularly to get one of these. I missed it also.


Did pre-orders go live and sell out immediately? I have been periodically checking and checked 1 day after the blog post and it says sold out. Are there any plans for anymore pre-orders?


Any idea when shipping may take place? Thanks in advance!

En réponse à

Hi! The first ones will start shipping around next week! But it will take a while to ship them all.

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