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Desk accessory + Control Panel + Core version 7

In order to change certain settings in your AppleSqueezer GS, you can use the AppleSqueezer CDA (classic desk accessory), as well as the CDEV (Control panel), and the RAM Disk driver. It's downloadable as a .po disk image file. It contains the desk accessory that can be placed in the System/Desk.Accs folder, as well as the CDEV (to be moved into System/CDevs). Reboot, and it will appear in your list of desk accessories, accessible by pressing Control-Apple-Escape, as well as in your Control Panel (accessible from the Apple menu). 

This file also contains a "firmware" update to core version 7. Please read the "Read Me" file on the disk for instructions on how to install everything. If you already used version 3 - 6, you can update using the existing control panel (No need to reinstall the CDA + control panel.)


There are three options you can change in the desk accessory and control panel:


With this option, you can enable or disable the acceleration of the AppleSqueezer. Note that, if its built-in RAM is still enabled, it will generally still be somewhat faster than a stock GS without built-in RAM enabled, because the built-in RAM is faster than normal RAM. However, this mode will disable any caching, for instance if you want to run software that is too fast with acceleration enabled, or for certain compatibility reasons, for example if you want to use the MicroDrive/Turbo. 

Built-in RAM

With this option enabled, your IIGS will use its own 14MB of built-in RAM instead of the RAM from the expansion slot. Note that GS/OS generally will only "see" 8MB of this. This is a limitation of GS/OS, but you can select the "Extra RAM" option so that GS/OS will see the full RAM space. Disabling the built-in RAM is useful if you want to address RAM that's in the memory expansion slot. 

Extra RAM

This option ensures that GS/OS will see 13MB of RAM. This option is only used when the built-in RAM option is also enabled. You may disable this for compatibility reasons when not using GS/OS, although I haven't personally run into any software yet that would have issues with it.

Older versions

Core version 7 (which you can download above) is the latest and fastest version, and the recommended one. Older versions can be downloaded here:

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