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Core v5 in testing

In the previous post, I was writing about the issue with certain early IIGS motherboards in combination with the AppleSqueezer GS. I showed how the early, bodged motherboards had this issue. Since then, several people informed me that they have the bodged board, but no issues, and so the problem is only happening to a subset of those boards. One user reported how it only happens with the boards with a VGC chip (situated underneath the power supply) with part number "344S0056-1", while the working boards have a VGC with part number "344S0046-C". The Sound GLU chip also differs. The sound GLU differences may be more important of course.

I created a new core version v5 that completely fixes the problem for two of the four users who reported this to me. Why it doesn't work for the other two users is still unclear, somewhat frustratingly, but at least the problem seems very rare and even more so with this new v5. I haven't had the luxury of having a faulty board myself to experiment with, which makes fixing it somewhat less than ideal, but at least it's a step in the right direction!

It would be really nice if a few more people could test this new v5, to ensure that it doesn't break compatibility with something else, and so that slightly less adventurous users can later upgrade with more confidence :) So anyone willing to help (not just people who had an issue) can download it from the bottom of this page, and if you do, please let me know the following:

  1. Did you have the sound issue, explained in the previous blog post?

  2. If so, did this new version fix it for you?

  3. Which ROM version (ROM01 or ROM03) did you try?

  4. Does everything work well? Did you notice any differences, positive or negative?

Thank you very much for your help! If the results are good, I will release it more officially as v5. Note that you can always downgrade again to v4.

Finally, hopefully next time I'll have a more interesting upgrade, like the ability to change acceleration speed more gradually. But for the time being, I'm still working on producing and sending the remaining pre-orders!

Thank you!


Download ZIP • 186KB

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