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8.4% speed increase + fix

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

A new core version has just been released, version 4, which gives the AppleSqueezer GS an 8.4% speed increase over version 3 (as reported by BENCHMARKv5.2mg). In addition to this, it also solves a relatively rare issue that a user was experiencing: the problem was that after the IIGS of this user had been running for quite some time and got warm, she would sometimes see some stray pixels appear on the screen (see picture below). It's possible that this was due to slightly out of spec chips on her specific machine (I could not reproduce it with either one of my own two IIGS's), but either way, it's good to have it fixed! With version 4, certain timing aspects have been improved, eliminating this problem.

The new core version can be downloaded and installed using the AppleSqueezer control panel. If you were already on version 3, you don't need to update the control panel or CDA, so you can just use your existing control panel and update to version 4 by choosing the new bitcore file. The latest benchmark results can be seen below.

Enjoy the update, and as always, let me know if there are any questions!

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