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The Chip Shortage :(

I recently ordered some parts for the AppleSqueezer GS - well, due to the chip shortage, that order fell through. It is now quite hard to get the necessary parts, so initially I will only have a few cards to sell - until the chip shortage improves! It's based on a Spartan 6 FPGA, which is suddenly pretty hard to obtain. Also, while I bought up all remaining 65816's I could find, there were only 30 of them, and who knows when more arrive.. 🙂 (this is the SMT version, not the large DIP chip). So, surely this chip shortage will eventually run its course, but initially supply will be low so you may have to be lucky to get one - sorry in advance for this! Other than this, technically it's doing good, GS/OS runs very stable on it.

Here's a photo of the 65816 chips I received, that will be going into finished AppleSqueezers as soon as other required parts arrive :)

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