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This is a pre-order for the AppleSqueezer GS v2. A pre-order is the same as a normal order, with the difference that it will take longer to arrive (up to around two months!) because parts will have to be ordered and boards created first.


The AppleSqueezer GS v2 accelerates your IIGS matching or exceeding the performance of a Transwarp GS running at 16MHz. It also contains 14MB of built-in RAM, so you no longer need to have any external RAM installed on your IIGS. Furthermore, it contains a 224MB RAM disk, and an SD card slot, which is currently unused (see the FAQ). It's built using a Xilinx FPGA, DDR3 RAM, and a 65816 CPU.


The AppleSqueezer GS v2 has the following improvements over the AppleSqueezer GS v1: 


  • streamlined design: it fits seamlessly beneath most(*) expansion cards in your IIGS
  • HDMI output (beta!): you can now install an HDMI cable directly into the AppleSqueezer. Currently supports "super hires" mode (640x200 and 320x200) used by Apple IIGS software. Older Apple II graphics mode are not yet supported.
  • enhanced performance: experience a subtle yet noticeable speed boost


It's compatible with both ROM3 and ROM1 machines. Note the following: if you have a ROM0 or ROM1 machine, one capacitor on the motherboard may be slightly in the way, depending on how it was installed in the factory. This capacitor is marked C39 and is situated to the left of the memory expansion connector. In some cases, you can simply push it down a bit, but in other cases, you may have to remove it and solder it back in a way that ensures it’s no higher than the sound chip below it. Otherwise, the AppleSqueezer will not sit flush with the chips below it.


(*) While the AppleSqueezer will fit below most expansion cards, there may be some exceptions for cards that don't have a flat lower profile next to their connector. Some very big cards, such as the Transwarp GS, have a PCB that extend downwards next to their slot connector, making them sit closer to the IIGS motherboard. Compare the Transwarp GS with the Super Serial Card to see the difference in PCB design. I don't have any such cards myself so I'm not 100% sure how much of an issue it would be, but it's possible that they would have an issue fitting above the AppleSqueezer.

AppleSqueezer GS v2 (pre-order)

SKU: 0003
€ 295,00Price
  • AppleSqueezer GS v2, ready to install. Works with Apple IIGS, ROM01 and ROM03. Supports more than 95% of IIGS software. Does not support DMA. Works with Floppy Emu, CFFA3000, and more. Please read FAQ before purchase!

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