What is the AppleSqueezer GS?

The AppleSqueezer GS is an accelerator + 14MB memory expansion for the Apple IIGS, built from scratch with modern components. It uses an FPGA in addition to a 14MHz 65816. It's simple to install: all you have to do is remove the existing 65816 CPU from the IIGS motherboard, and plug the AppleSqueezer GS in its place. From that moment forward, your GS will be accelerated! It will run faster than ever before, and have 14MB of RAM. 


How does it compare?

In the chart and table you can see how the AppleSqueezer GS compares in performance to upgraded legacy IIGS accelerators, the Transwarp GS and Zip GS (all running at 12.5 - 16MHz). The benchmark that was used is BENCHMARKv5.2mg


Memory expansion

Of course, the AppleSqueezer GS isn't just an accelerator: it also expands your RAM memory to 14MB! A normal GS/OS install only allows using 8MB, but you can use the control panel or CDA to allow GS/OS to see the full amount. You don't have to stick anything into the memory expansion slot for this to work.



Installing the AppleSqueezer GS is as simple as removing your existing 65816 CPU, and plugging the AppleSqueezer GS back into its place. The gold-plated machined pins ensure a good fit into the socket. 


The AppleSqueezer GS has been tested with various software, including:

  • System 6.0.1, 6.0.2, 6.0.3 and 6.0.4

  • AppleWorks GS

  • Graphic Writer III

  • Beagle Draw

  • Beagle Write

  • Deluxe Paint II

  • Animasia 3D

  • Out of this World

  • Deja VU I and II

  • Wolfenstein 3D

  • Zany Golf (much smoother animations!)

  • a lot more, see FAQ.. (if you want me to test specific software, please contact me)