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This is a pre-order for the AppleSqueezer GS. It's exactly the same as a normal order, with the difference that it will take longer to arrive (up to around two months!) because parts will have to be ordered and boards created first.


The AppleSqueezer GS accelerates your IIGS matching or exceeding in performance to a Transwarp GS running at 16MHz. It also contains 14MB of built-in RAM, so you no longer need to have any external RAM installed on your IIGS. Furthermore, it contains a 240MB RAM disk, and an SD card slot, which is currently unused (see the FAQ). It's built using a Xilinx FPGA, DDR3 RAM, and a 65816 chip, as well as various support components for power, bus switching, etc. 

AppleSqueezer GS (pre-order)

SKU: 0002
€ 295,00Price
Out of Stock
  • AppleSqueezer GS, ready to install. Works with Apple IIGS, ROM01 and ROM03. Supports more than 95% of IIGS software. Does not support DMA. Takes some space in your IIGS, blocking some slots from using long cards. Slots 5, 6, and 7 are not blocked. Works with Floppy Emu, CFFA3000, and more. Please read FAQ before purchase!

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