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The AppleSqueezer GS accelerates your IIGS matching or exceeding in performance to a Transwarp GS running at 16MHz. It also contains 14MB of built-in RAM, so you no longer need to have any external RAM installed on your IIGS. Furthermore, it contains a 240MB RAM disk, and an SD card slot, which is currently unused (see the FAQ). It's built using a Xilinx FPGA, DDR3 RAM, and a 65816 chip, as well as various support components for power, bus switching, etc. 

AppleSqueezer GS

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  • AppleSqueezer GS, ready to install. Works with Apple IIGS, ROM01 and ROM03. Supports more than 95% of IIGS software. Does not support DMA. Takes some space in your IIGS, blocking some slots from using long cards. Slots 5, 6, and 7 are not blocked. Works with Floppy Emu, CFFA3000, and more. Please read FAQ before purchase!

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